Ospreys, Christmas, New Year’s Day: Things you can count on every year!

PHILADELPHIA, TENN., August 1, 2017 – Every year the same thing happens, Christmas comes on December 25th, New Year’s Day is January 1st and Ospreys return to their previous nesting sites. Those nests are built on utility structures, towers, bridges and other sites that are dangerous to not only the birds and their young, but also to homes, businesses and progress.

Every year, the Osprey population continues to grow due to effective conservation efforts. The young Ospreys leave the nest in their first year only to come back when mature to find their own nesting platforms. With Ospreys being very territorial, the younger birds are forced to find other nesting sites and will seek out a honeymoon suite of their own, and utility structures look like a good place to be.

How do you stop them from nesting where you don’t want them?

The most effective way to convince the Ospreys to move on to man-made or natural nesting sites is to clear the nests off structures in the late summer and fall after the fledglings leave the nest and introduce a deterrent at that time. If done properly, when the Ospreys return in the spring, they will be forced to find a safer nesting site.

The worst thing to do, is to do nothing and before you know it, the Ospreys are back and nesting. Once they lay eggs, under the law, you will be unable to move the nest until all Ospreys vacate the nest.

The “OFF”-Sprey Raptor Deterrent is a device that when properly installed will force the Ospreys to find a new nesting site. Below you will see the proper process used when installing the “OFF”-Sprey and it will work on more than just utility poles. It can be installed on bridges, towers, flat-top buildings, and just about any type of structure. When ordering, it is best to get the dimensions of the structure and provide photos so that a device can be modified to fit your application.

For more information, visit www.offsprey.com to view our products and contact us to place an order.

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