Osprey Spring Migration Schedule

In addition to showing how to prevent Ospreys from building nests in dangerous or inconvenient locations, we also like to provide useful facts on Ospreys habits and interesting information that can help you learn more about them.

From the research paper  The Spring Migration of Adult North American Ospreys we were able to reproduce the schedule for when the Osprey begins to migrate back to their breeding grounds in the United States.


Click on the schedule to open a larger version.

Use this chart to prepare for the arrival of Ospreys in your area.

  • Special thanks to the authors, The Journal of Raptor Research and Bio One for  allowing us to use their research.
  • Author(s): Mark S. Martell, Richard O. Bierregaard, Jr., Brian E. Washburn, John E. Elliott, Charles J. Henny, Robert S. Kennedy, and Iain MacLeod
  • Source: Journal of Raptor Research, 48(4):309-324. 2014.


You can read the entire research paper located at the link below.


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