THE BIRDS ARE GONE!! But Should Not Be Forgotten…

YEA! The Ospreys have left to migrate to their winter habitat. This begins the approximately 6-month period that most utilities can take a breath and not have to worry about the disruption of service due to their nesting habits. Most focus shifts to more seasonal concerns regarding winter weather, possible storms, and other issues that influence the utilities. You can be sure though that they will be back!   Sure, we know that weather can’t be controlled and we know that there will be issues resulting from it in the time coming soon. We know that holidays will be observed and seasons will change as it happens every year. Weather can’t be predicted or controlled and we will endure the seasonal issues both good and bad.

On the other hand, Ospreys are creatures of habit and will return and set up
housekeeping to rear new offspring in the Spring. They will migrate to the same locatioOsprey-10-7-13 003n barring any unforeseen incident. Chances are that if you had a nest last year then the same two Osprey will return and continue to build on the same nesting site and rear a new hatch of fledglings and then the problems will start all over again. Oh, by the way, to add to the problem those Osprey that are now turning two years old and have spent the
winters since birth at the wintering areas will be returning looking for a place to set up their own nests to raise their offspring.

We can’t control weather, time, or seasons, but we can have an effect on the interruptions og3-tnlcaused by the Osprey’s nesting habits. It is as simple as finding these abandoned nests, removing it, and installing the “OFF”-Sprey Raptor Deterrent  in its place.
There are several designs of the device that allow for many types of structures to be protected. We can make modifications to the device to meet your special needs and circumstances.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to control the interruptions caused by the Ospreys? At least, this is something that can be done so we have one less problem when Spring gets here.

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